IPRS Meetings Agenda

Registration are open for the Intersteno Council & IPRS Meetings in Istanbul!

Hereby we announce the agenda with a variety of topics for the next IPRS Meetings in Istanbul.

  1. Opening/announcements.
  2. Presentation by teachers/students from Ihsan Yener’s school.
  3. Presentation about (the reporting of) the International Criminal Court (Jenny Costales).
  4. Presentation about recent developments in the field of automatic speech recognition (follow up of the presentation in Berlin) (Henk-Jan Eras/Deru Schelhaas)
  5. Presentation about “Teaching of F Keyboard with Activities” (Hatice Mesci from Suleyman Demirel University)
  6. Presentation about (technological) developments in the report service of the National Assembly of the Turkish parliament.  
  7. Looking ahead to the agenda of the IPRS meetings in Cagliari.
  8. Any other business/closure.